Flesh, Pulp, and Blood Orange Beers

The torrid heat of August is upon us, and it's given me a royal thirst. After a month of drinking lagers, my palate, brain and liver are crying out for  variety, so I'm launching into an exploration of fruited beers. This week, we'll explore beers brewed with the Citrus × sinensis, also known as the “blood orange.” This hybrid orange has a vivid, reddish flesh, rich in antioxidant chemicals known as anthocyanin. The unique combination of chemicals makes the blood orange a particularly good source of vitamins, and contributes to it's rich, tart flavor. To your health, loyal reader!


Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood IPA
Format Sampled: 12 can

Available: Purchased at the Craft Beer Cellar

ABV: 7.5%

Tasting Notes: Pours a reddish amber, with an orange tint, and raises a rocky off-white head. Aroma has candied orange, grapefruit and dank, resinous hops. The initial flavor has the warmth and spice of a  sun-ripened blood orange. Despite the cool liquid, the flavor is so evocative, I can almost feel the warm, juicy flesh of this exotic fruit, fresh from the tree. Every part of the fruit is represented, the sweet juice, the bitter pith, and the fragrant, oily peel. The experience is perfectly complimented by the citrus aromatics and subtle bitterness of a carefully selected range of hops, and a mild, understated malt foundation. This juicy, exotic treat is not to be missed. Drink one while the weather is still hot!


Peak Organic Crush

Format Sampled: 12 oz can

Available: Purchased at the Craft Beer Cellar

ABV: 7.0%

Tasting Notes: Pours an orange/gold with a fine head of off-white foam. Aroma is flagrantly hoppy, with piney resin, bitter orange peel, and sweet citrus blossom. The initial flavor is mouthwatering and bitter, with pine-forward hops setting the pace, and the sour, tangy flavors of the citrus following quickly behind. It's subtle, but the bloody, juicy quality of the blood orange sneaks in, adding some softness to the snappy citrus and pine bitterness. The malt structure is elegant and refined, supporting the herbal hops and bitter citrus peel without adding too much weight or body. This is an enticingly bitter, highly drinkable beer.


Eviltwin Brewing Sanguinem Aurantiaco

Format Sampled: 12 oz can

Available: Purchased at Bow St. Beverage Public Market House

ABV: 3.25%

Tasting Notes: Pours a cloudy pale yellow, with almost no head at all. The aroma is strikingly sour and woody – almost nose-prickling. The first sip is both sour and savory, with a wholesome malty, woody quality swooping in after the initial sour blast. After the swirl of sour and savory, there's salute of citrus juice – more lemon than orange, to my tongue. After the initial lactic sourness, the citric acid flavor is almost mild in comparison, and fades away quickly, without much aftertaste. Highly chilled, this is a bracing and fascinating aperitif!


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