Cooking Channel's 'Late Night Eats' episode features gluttonous trip through Portland — An interview with Jordan Andino

Restaurateur Jordan Andino (of the Filipino taquerias Flip Sigi and 2nd City, both in Manhattan) has landed what many would call a “dream job” in hosting Cooking Channel’s Late Night Eats, a new series chronicling after-hours dining and imbibing throughout North America. Portland joined Montreal, Atlanta, St. Louis and more on Andino’s list of 13 stops for Season 1 — and, as he tells the Phoenix, it was also his favorite of the trip.

“It’s somewhat of a tie between Portland and Nashville — both were just more than I could’ve ever imagined — but I’ve gotta give it to Portland,” says Andino. “Portland has this small-town feel, but with just so much character. Typically when you go to one of these smaller cities, you’re done in a couple of hours. Portland is so concentrated with great shops, restaurants and bars; it’s literally unforgettable. I’m coming back within the next couple of months just to hang out!”

Andino made the most of his short amount of time in Portland, with stops at Eventide, Bylth & Burrows, Lincolns, Rhum, Liquid Riot and Nosh — the latter three of which made it into the Portland episode of Late Night Eats.

“The way we usually do this is the networks for recommendations from myself and any friends or acquaintances I might have that know the area,” says Andino. “I have a couple of friends who make it up to Portland all the time, so we were in good shape coming in. The sandwiches at Nosh were so out there and ostentatious — I love it! I’ve gained 17 pounds doing this show, and I’m pretty sure places like that are to blame. The food at Rhum was super classic and simple. As a Pacific Islander, it’s been fun to watch the Tiki trend grow and spread across the country. Honestly, it reminded me of home. Oh, and the drinks at Liquid Riot; just unreal stuff.”

As someone who has experienced last call in many cities throughout the continent, Andino has little negative to say about Portland’s 1 a.m. shuffle.

“What I like about it is that it puts you in somewhat of a heightened state, because you’re like, ‘Okay, everything closes at 1 — how can I do it all?” says Andino. “I saw 14 cops outside at like 12:45 a.m., though. You can clearly see there’s such a big late night culture in Portland, but you can also tell that if it went on any longer, there’d probably be nothing but trouble. Plus, the later and later the night goes, the less I can probably tell you how ‘good’ it is. I can say that I’ve never had the food I eat at 3:45 in the morning sober during the afternoon!”

So, how do our late night eats stack up against the rest of his stops?

“I look for value, carbs and all that grease, and Portland had it all,” says Andino. “Late night food? I don’t care where I am — I want that Nosh burger.”

The thirteen-episode season of Late Night Eats premiered on Cooking Channel September 28. The Portland episode airs on Thursday, October 12, at 10pm ET.

Jordan Andino's Portland food crawl menu


Nosh Mac 'n Stack burger (fried mac ’n cheese patties as the buns / American cheese / smoked BBQ sauce / smoked bacon)

Polenta cheese fries


Gourmet lobster roll

House-made ice cream sandwich with Fernet Michaud


Polynesian skewers

Spicy tiki wings  

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