The Portland Phoenix

Publisher Karen Wood

Editor Marian McCue

Managing Editor Mo Mehlsak

Staff Writer Jordan Bailey

Sales Executive Janet Allen

Media Consultant & Columnist Natalie Ladd

Production Manager Suzanne Piecuch

Graphic Designer Le Anna Grosso

Illustrator Rebecca Reinhart

Contributors Blair Best, Al Diamon, Nancy English, Lori Eschholz, Frank Gallagher, Jan Grieco, Jenny Ibsen, Nick Lund, Sandy Marsters, Jim Neuger, Douglas Rooks

Distribution Mark Hews


The Portland Phoenix is a weekly newspaper covering greater Portland, Maine, distributed every Wednesday from Saco to Brunswick to Windham. It is owned by New Portland Publishing; Marian McCue and Karen Wood, co-founders.

We disclaim all legal responsibility for errors or omissions, although all reasonable care is taken to prevent such errors. We will gladly correct any errors if notification is received within 48 hours of any such error.

Advertising deadline is Friday prior to publication; inquiries to [email protected], 207-536-5210. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising.

Letters to the editor must be signed and should be no more than 200 words, with daytime phone number included for verification. We reserve the right to refuse publication, and to edit for length and clarity. Email letters to [email protected]; deadline is noon Friday.