Letter: A fan letter to Edgar Allen Beem

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I loved Ed Beem’s [The Universal Notebook] column in the Feb. 8, 2023 edition (titled “Phone-free driving”]. Thank you. I needed that; could have written it. I have a couple of things to add that probably resonate with you.

Someone commented incredulously on how I touched the screen: “look what she does”. I noted that I was not born with the knowledge; I did not learn it in school, it’s my first smart phone. How would I know if I lightly touch the icon, hold my finger on it, swipe it?  Oh, and the user manual is written for the experienced; definitely not a “Smart Phones for Dummies.”

Like you, my flip phone was perfect for my needs. I almost never turned it on except when traveling. I never wanted a smart phone. I don’t need or want to be connected every minute of my life. The required upgrade and opportunity to listen to podcasts to endure one-and-a-half hours for my winter treadmill five-mile walk convinced me. I’ll figure out how to do that one of these days. I turn it on when I get to the fitness center. Hope no one calls because I won’t know how to silence it.

Eileen Purdy

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