SeepeopleS announce the release of Love, the first in a three-part EP series

SeepeopleS, the original anti-genre indie musical pranksters, are releasing a new studio album on Sept. 6. The EP, titled Love is the first of three in the Love, Hate, Live series of releases planned for the coming year. SeepeopleS has been gaining an underground army of loyal fans since the band’s inception in Boston back in 2000. Music lovers have celebrated the group’s previous five albums, many of which feature musical contributions from members of Morphine, Spearhead, Parliament/Funkadelic and Dave Matthews Band (Tim Reynolds) and the band's passionate and uniquely explosive live shows.

SeepeopleS’ music has also been featured on television shows such as “Judging Amy” and “The Gates” as well as movies "Canvasman, A Call to Action, Wheels Over Paradise," and "The Legend of Cody Collins.” After almost 1,500 live shows nationwide, and with 20,000-plus records sold, SeepeopleS is proud to its most accessible and mature collection of songs with Love.


The new EP features five new tracks, and was created with longtime co-producer Will Holland whose resume includes Pixies and Dead Can Dance. The record also features a remix by the eclectic Mosart 212. Currently the band has plans for a follow-up tour in support of Love.


Led by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Will Bradford, SeepeopleS continues its alt-rock sound. Opening Love is the track "Shangri La La," an upbeat tale of heartbreak with a strong balance between rock guitar and a mellow psychedelic main riff. Overall, a high-energy start to kick off the record.



Shangri La La is followed by the ballad, "Your Sad Story,” a soft tune that allows the listener to settle into the feel of the album. This track features some nice piano work accompanied by synthesizer aspects that complement the spacey vocal track. At this point, while the record is entitled Love, the listener begins to pick up on unresolved anger from the narrative.


The third track, "Bent Lullaby," is exactly what the title suggests. In contrast to "Your Sad Story," "Bent Lullaby" opens with an acoustic guitar intro that suggests a rather melancholic tone, not unlike the steel string opening of Pink Floyd’s infamous "Hey You" intro. The listener now starts to recognize a deep sense of passion directed to the subject rather than a level of angst, as though the narrator has unspoken words of compassion and even regret.



With the fourth track, "Never Forget how to Run," SeepeopleS continues with the spacey, psychedelic theme, emphasizing major seventh chords, which provide a dream-like sequence. This lasts through the first verse before some aggression is expressed with a bridge/chorus of heavy, distorted guitar sprinkled with numerous vocal harmonies. The song expresses a strong balance between heavy rock and ballad as the composition exits the hard-rocking chorus back into another light-hearted verse, creating a strong dynamic to the tune.


The final track of Love is "Conifers of China," the remix produced by Mosart 212. "Conifers" creates a zen-like feeling to the closure of the album with call-and-response chanting over repetitive bass line. With a closing such as this, the album takes the listener, from a fun quirky opening to a serious, albeit peaceful closure, emphasizing the theme of the record and anticipation of the following EP’s to come in the SeepeopleS "Love, Hate, Live" series.


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