Mouth Washington re-release debut, The English Muffins butter up Santa

Mouth Washington, "Dichotomy" Mouth Washington, "Dichotomy"


Portland “post-everything” mainstays Mouth Washington are the post-er dudes for progressive, heavy tunes in town (or maybe they are just a viral marketing campaign for Scope that went way, way off the rails). The Hansen Bros and Co. are less Hanson and more Manson, but the high-energy punk tunes do leave you with that same warm feeling as “MMMBop” did back in the day (c’mon, we were all tweens once). In anticipation of their forthcoming album in March, the band re-released their first album Dichotomy on Bandcamp this week. Released in February 2011 and mixed by Ron Harrity at Forest City, Mouth Washington’s debut album is now available for the low, low price of whatever the heck you want to pay. “I’ve had some folks asking about it recently… so it seemed like a good time to make it available again,” said vocalist/guitarist Max Hansen. This is the first time the debut album has been available online in its entirety, so take advantage. Want more Mouth? Catch the band along with Massachusetts punk acts The Flies? and Dérive at Poland Street on January 5 at 7 pm. It’s BYOB and donation-based, but bring a few ducats to help the touring acts and remember to be prompt as P-Street peoples are good neighbors and get their rocking done by quiet hours.

Money Laundering

New System, Portland’s newest DIY music venue, has put of a couple of good shows since it opened two weeks ago. Last weekend Butcher Boy vocalist Pete Swegart took the stage at the (quasi-underground) venue for a set as his lo-fi, one-man act Greef, along with Perfect Hair and Laughing Animals. It’s been a good run so far, but of course, economic realities hit hard even when you’re trying to do it yourself. To that end, the New System team have launched an Indiegogo campaign to make sure the place realizes its potential. The space currently operates on a donation-based admission system to ensure that everyone can afford to attend a show, but obviously that comes with its own problems. The crew is hoping to raise $4,500 by Jan. 10 to fully realize their plans of building out a collective workshop, soundproofed recording and practice space and general maintenance costs. There are a slew of unique incentive gifts on tap for those who drop some dough, including music downloads, private music lessons and, for $500, the run of the place for the night to put on your own show. They are also booking shows and gallery showings all the time, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get on their radar.

Cranky Christmas

Two very different releases hit Bandcamp this week. Harpswell noise shaman/engineer Crank Sturgeon isn’t an easy act to pin down, but just file him under the opposite of whatever “easy listening” is. Crank’s “germinal gratings” off his new two-track album languor wishing sounds like your conspiracy theory-obsessed uncle swearing under his breath as he tries to re-wire the sound system in an abandoned Soviet-era nuclear plant (“shiny, shiny bits...forms of...flora and fauna….department store….codified and dewey decimalized.”) Back in reality, Portland XX chromozoners The English Muffins have their new Now and Laterz two-track EP all wrapped up in a bow in time for the holidaze. It features Natalie Oldham, Althea Pajak (ex-Metal Feathers) Kate Sullivan-Jones (The Outfits) and Sierra Roberts with a cameo on saxophone. The album is a Christmas split, with the eponymous track “Now and Laterz” backed by a cover of the holiday classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”