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Odd Ball for a good cause: Dance party helps supply musical instruments for children

OPENING VISTAS to nominate a child for a donated instrument, call 207.956.3019 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Herbcraft are big in Japan, Grime Studios launches new fundraising effort

Big in JapanLocal psych-rock shaman Matt Lajoie earned some pan-Pacific love this week as his new Herbcraft “Push Thru The Veil” vinyl 7’’ hit #1 on Japan’s House music charts and #3 on the Alternative charts under Psych/Krautrock by Japan distribution giant Jet Set. If you’ve vibed out to some permutation of Herbcraft around town over the last couple years, you might scoff at the House music categorization, but Lajoie says nothing was lost in…

New Leaves Leaves track, and a reminder that Eldemur Krimm are still badass

Leaves LeavesNew Leaves It’s been a minute since we heard anything from Leaves Leaves, side project of local garage-rock act Great Western Plain. Turns out we just weren't looking hard enough. A new single and video turned up in early November and a LP is on its way. “Palice Malice” is a hazy, plodding jam with a lazy gait but plenty of references to the fast-paced world of horse racing. “Thoroughbred at the thoroughfare” croons…
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