The Cannabis Generation: Pot and Pan Kitchen offers an array of medicinal sweet treats

Featured Funfetti brioche donuts infused with marijuana extract. All photos courtesy of Pot and Pan Kitchen Funfetti brioche donuts infused with marijuana extract.

For over a year now the folks over at Pot and Pan Kitchen have been quietly putting their botany knowledge and cooking skills to good use by offering up an entire menu of marijuana-infused sweet treats.

One of the owners of Pot and Pan Kitchen, Andrew Doolittle, told me that the company began with Doolittle making hard candies out of his own kitchen. He would melt down Jolly Ranchers, boil them with a little water, and add his cannabis extract. They came out outrageously strong but didn’t taste very good.

“I thought they kind of sucked and people were getting way too fucked up on them,” recalled Doolittle.  

Since then, Doolittle and his team dialed in the recipe for their own hard candies, did some math, bought new molds, and have perfected their own version of cannabis hard candy called medicubez.


Sour medicubez gummies. 

Doolittle’s been a caregiver for over 7 years and saw the demand for edibles within his patient base. So he changed and expanded his business model to allow for caregivers to use his company as a processing center. Now Pot and Pan Kitchen is able to potentially serve every patient and caregiver in the state!

“Once we started doing that, that’s when we really took off as a company,” said Doolittle. “It was huge for us.”

Now Doolittle’s team works out of a commercially licensed kitchen and makes a whole assortment of treats from hamburger whoopie pies, caramel bonbons, cinnamon sugar cupcakes, cookies and cream brioche donuts, cake pops, raspberry cheesecakes, peanut butter cookies, gummies, salves, and s'mores.

“You name it,” said Doolittle. “And we can infuse it with cannabis and bake it.”

I interviewed Doolittle last week, and we chatted about what first time users should know before consuming edibles. Read up, because Doolittle is gearing up to apply for a commercial sale license next year, meaning that his delicious cannabis concoctions could be legally and readily available to everybody through a Portland storefront. A Portland marijuana bakery? This could be huge.



Moxie lollipops.  

First up, what’s the process for making edibles?

Cannabis butter is the traditional way to make edibles, always. You take the marijuana and saute it, and then you add butter. That’s like the old school way.

How many times have you had a pot brownies and it either didn’t really do anything for you, or it got you way too fucked up? I know 100 stories like that.

It’s really hard to use butter without getting it tested for an accurate dose. That’s one thing that we pride ourselves on at Pot and Pan Kitchen is accurate dosing. You always know what you’re getting when you’re eating an edible.

The easiest way to do that, instead of using plant material (flower or trim), is by using a concentrate or extract. An oil of some kind. That allows you to accurately dose your product. You don’t have to use weed butter. You just add activated cannabis oil to your product and as long as it’s mixed properly you get an even distribution.


Hamburger whoopie pies.

Breakdown the doses for me, because I would be the one to eat too many treats because I didn’t feel the effects right away.

It’s totally a person to person thing. It’s tricky with edibles. They can hit you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. They can last anywhere from 4 hours to 10 hours. It’s common that you hear that people get way too high over edibles. They probably ate a dose that was way too high for them, or they didn’t wait long enough before eating more.

And that’s hard to do because our edibles are delicious.


DarkChocolateSeaSaltBonbons Dark chocolate sea salt bonbons.

So what’s the best advice for first-time eaters?

For someone who doesn’t smoke much I would say start with 5mg. If the person’s a little bigger, their body chemistry is different, their metabolisms different, 10 or 20 mg might be a better amount.

Always start small. Because you always can eat more.

It’s always healthier to eat marijuana instead of smoking it. It lasts longer. You get more out of the medicine.


Is there a taste difference between foods made with cannabis butter versus extract?

Most people don’t like that subtle weedy taste. There’s nothing worse than a gross tasting weed edible. You get that from using cannabis butter.

Cannabis butter imparts a strong taste because of the chlorophyll,the plant material, and the terpenes, which are the flavor molecules. They will add that gross taste that you experience in cannabis butter; it’s basically burnt chlorophyll.

If you use a cannabis oil extract with terpenes in it, you’ll still get some weed flavor but it’s not that burnt flavor.

There’s a refined version of cannabis oil that’s called distillate. It’s made through alcohol extraction, that strips the oils of all terpenes. It literally has no flavor. That will make an edible with absolutely no taste, and we work with that product often.


How do you feel about cannabis culture in general nowadays?

Marijuana isn’t demonized at all anymore. Millennials love it. We are going to be the cannabis generation. It’s well recognized for its medical benefits. Maybe some of the old-timers don’t like. But I would say that anybody under 30 in Maine is pro-cannabis.

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