Ways to Support Planned Parenthood

Featured Meredith Healey, an RN and site manager at Planned Parenthood Portland, gave me a tour of their facility. Meredith Healey, an RN and site manager at Planned Parenthood Portland, gave me a tour of their facility.

If you want to stand up to Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and other Republicans who are using their political influence for efforts that might leave thousands without access to basic preventative health care, there are some things that you can do.

If you want to defend a woman's right to choose and reject the notion that relics from a bygone era can dictate what a woman should or shouldn't do with their body, consider supporting Planned Parenthood. They'll still be providing vital services if the GOP's plan to cut Medicaid reimbursements succeeds, but they still need your help now more than ever. Here are a couple ways you can upgrade your activism from hashtags to direct action. 

1. Donate Directly

Activism starts at home, with a computer screen and an online transaction. Consider throwing some digital shekels at Planned Parenthood or their Action Fund. It's the most immediate way you can support their work. 


2. Call the movers and shakers

The best way for policy-makers to learn directly the errors of their ways is by receiving hundreds of angry phone calls a day. Join others, and prepare a thoughtful but appropriately angry voicemail message for Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Let him know why Planned Parenthood matters. His main office number is (202) 225-3031.


3. Volunteer your time

If you want to work on the front lines of this issue, Planned Parenthood Portland is still accepting volunteers. Fill out a form on this website, and you'll eventually be put to work. And I hear it's incredibly rewarding work. 

4. Pop in for a visit

Making sure your sexual health is completely sound is unfortunately not something you can assure on your own. Schedule an appointment with professionals at Planned Parenthood, and they'll be able to tell you if your parts are in tip-top shape.

5. Get loud

If you care about this issue even remotely, you've probably got this last step covered. Those that are saddened, scared, angry and devastated with Planned Parenthood's potential lack of federal support should write about it. Post on Facebook your thoughts on the importance of affordable health care. Tweet about it with the hashtag #WeWontGoBack. Share this article. Let your opponents know that you're not going down without a fight. 

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