Circumcision didn’t hamper my life; disfiguration of women, however, is an issue


(Regarding “Not so circumspect about circumcision,” Oct. 1 Phoenix:)

As a 74-year-old Jew, I cannot remember my circumcision, but I can say it has not hampered my life. My genitals are intact, and if I may say, have served me very well from birth to current date.

To say circumcision is related to autism is preposterous. If that is the case, I and many other Jewish males would be autistic. I say, "Bull crap." Why is it lately in this PC correct environment. Every "kook" can have their/his/her 15 seconds of fame.

Perhaps I should start the "stop the hemorrhoidectomy" movement. As hemorrhoidectomy does: traumatizes, disfigures and may prevent certain individuals from achieving their potential. Of course, removal of hemorrhoids may allow certain individuals to place their cranial vaults into their anal orifices.

The mention of female circumcision is another matter. It is brutal and affects the woman in many ways and yes, there are many people up in arms trying to prevent this savage disfiguration of women.

So this world does not need foolish movements, but does need movements that will benefit both men and women, and will be based on truth and facts.

Teviz Ruben


Republican Presidential nominee focus of grassroots caucus event in N.H.


Registered New Hampshire Republicans and Undeclared Voters are invited to a fun, free and historic event on Saturday, Oct. 17. The purpose of the first New Hampshire grassroots caucus is to identify the Republican Presidential candidate preferred by a majority of voters and boost that candidate’s chances of winning the N.H. Presidential Primary Election next February.

The caucus will be a fun time with Presidential candidates (all have been invited), rallies, and live music. Come, get information, make campaign contacts, meet other interested voters, discuss issues and candidates, and vote for your favorite candidate(s).

The caucus winner is determined by repeated rounds of voting from a dwindling number of candidates as the candidates with the fewest number of votes are eliminated. Winning the caucus requires a majority of votes cast (unlike a primary election where the winner only needs the most votes).

If NH Primary voters unite behind the caucus winner, then the primary winner will be a candidate that most voters like, even if he/she is not their top choice(s).

The caucus will be held at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds. Doors open at 10 a.m., a photo ID is required. No people are admitted after voting begins at 11:30. For more information and pre-registration (recommended), see:

Join this historic event and help identify the candidate that most N.H. voters want as the Republican Presidential nominee.

Don Ewing

Meredith, N.H.