With LePage, problems 'redefined with his falsehoods and bluster'


Regarding your publishing of a letter defending LePage's ethnic scorecard of Maine-arrested drug offenders ("Writer defends LePage's depiction of the ethnic background of drug offenders," Sept. 15): Perhaps our (my) math was off a bit and our (my) stats weren't vetted properly, but the real point of contention here should be found in the keeping of racial tabs on crimes ... AT ALL.

LePage claimed that he kept this perp notebook "to prove a point." To whom was he trying to prove it ... and what point? Was it to the guys down at the Lisbon Street bar ...? Was his non-racist point to prove that he treated blacks and Hispanics better than the higher percentage of whites from Maine ... by arresting more of them?! Did he hide his notebook from us because of the "N" and "S" notations he'd made next to each picture? I guess he's proved his point to the letter writer. His other goal ... his chief goal, which he's achieved, is to get Mainers to look right at these problems and totally ignore them ... and miss them, as they're totally redefined with his falsehoods and bluster.

Notating and quantifying data via racial parameters is a perfect meaning of "racist." LePage'll tell you different and prove his point in the process, right along party lines.

D.N. Bither (aka: Doug Bither)


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