Article offers fresh perspective on farmers' economic choices


Much praise for The Portland Phoenix for its mid-September article on the relative merits and disadvantages of organic foods ("Organic farming: A luxury fad? Or a future of food?," by Francis Flisiuk, Sept. 15). It was well-balanced and readers could taste a fresh perspective on the economic choices Maine farmers make whether or not to pursue organic certification, costly in both time and money, or follow their own local brand of enlightened conventional. The lack of proper copyediting in the article showed how Maine’s secondary and tertiary educational establishments need to pitch their forks in to help spread the word (manure?) about our food being safer than ever before.

In the end, Maine farmers must rely on their best instincts for how to make a living, boost consumer welfare, and preserve our precious resource Maine’s natural environment. Consumers must make choices based on nutritional needs, price, product quality, food safety, short- and long-term health considerations, and each individual’s wants and desires. The article showed that in Maine markets clear in tasteful fashion.

Thank you for providing this information free of charge to we the people of Portland. The Portland Phoenix is a highly valued part of our media scene!

Most sincerely,

Daniel Duff Plunkett, Senior Economist

Consulting in International Trade Policies,

WTO, Export Marketing, Agribusiness


Last modified onTuesday, 04 October 2016 13:02