Letter to the Editor

Today, as I watch the Women’s Marches, I realize in a very powerful way, I am not alone!


Thank you all who marched! I never imagined people all over the world would respond in such a way for what was happening in the USA. Demonstrating so forcefully for the preservation of peace, human rights, equal opportunity and democracy. I am a proud liberal and now I know there are many others who feel the imperative of liberalism over selfishness as deeply as I. And who are responding to a perceived threat in Trump.

The tyranny of vulture economics has led to the deprivation and desperation of people all over the world. Greed drives the corporate 0.01 percent to take far more than their share of the pie, forcing the very people they rely on for their wealth, workers and purchasers, to receive less and less. If a $100 product = 5 percent raw ingredients, 20 percent wages, 5 percent advertising, 5 percent stock holders, 10 percent business expenses, and 60 percent to corporate salary + bonuses [Ed. This equation adds up to 105 percent, but we take Ms. Monda's point.], then change the 60% to 30% and the wages to 25% and lower the cost or the item by the difference … more people will live better and buy more. But many corporate CEOs want more money and to pay less taxes. The burden of the difference falls on everyone else and everything else. Higher taxes for lower and middle classes and poorer schools, more crime, no infrastructure improvements, and unrest are some results.

Trump unites vultures! Women united people!

Barbara J. Monda

Last modified onMonday, 23 January 2017 13:38