Letter to the editor

The Trump administration infrastructure package should tackle the $12B National Park repair backlog.

During his confirmation, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said one of his main goals as Secretary is to tackle one of our national parks’ biggest challenges: more than $12 billion in necessary infrastructure repairs.

Zinke said he wants national parks to be part of the Trump Administration’s larger infrastructure package. Including our parks in this package is a natural fit, as parks repair needs include crumbling buildings, roads in disrepair and closed trails. 

No park is immune to this challenge. For over 40 years, my family has camped, hiked and bicycled in Acadia National Park and has observed first-hand the increased use and its effects.  Acadia National Park, which welcomed record breaking 3.3 million visitors during the centennial celebrations last year, has nearly $70 million in repair needs, which $40 million of that is for repair to park roadways that visitors use every day. Parks face this daunting challenge because, for too long, they have not received enough funding to tackle these repairs. National parks are among America’s favorite places, enhancing our physical, emotional and spiritual well being and critical to our economy.  They need and deserve to be part of any national infrastructure package.  

Please join me in sharing our strong feelings with our legislators and let them know that we will hold them accountable.


Jeff Saffer from Cape Elizabeth

Last modified onTuesday, 14 March 2017 10:53