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Hate crime investigated after words spray-painted on market

Portland police say a white male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt who spray-painted the words "Alah" (sic) and "dick" on separate parts of the wall of a Portland Halaal Market was committing a hate crime.Police are investigating the incident at 269 Saint John St. as "anti-Muslim graffiti" placed "on a business that caters to the Muslim community."

For one night, State Theatre joined the Circus

When the State Theatre hosted the Stache Pag on March 27, the ultimate event during Portland’s Facial Hair Fest, follicle fans were treated to an historic first: circus performers on the theater’s vintage stage.

Creative Portland backs city’s affordable-housing mandates

If Portland wants to continue growing its "creative economy," it had better start by creating some affordable housing.Creative Portland, the arts group that heads up the First Friday Art Walk and generally champions the arts, issued this challenge and went so far as to credit — and/or blame — themselves for the city's housing shortage for average residents.

‘Monarchies have been crumbling’: A United Canada without the monarchy

Editor:Canada and England would fit seamlessly into the international community without the Monarchy!It is not accidental that the great majority of nations are republics. It has been the result of humanity’s long groping in the dark, tribulations and sacrifices.Its first and greatest benefit for Canada is that it will deliver a forceful disincentive to the separatist movement in Quebec because after the disposal of the Monarchy, everyone across the land will take the oath of…

Lux in tenebris: A lucent mind, a gilded future, a coded space

The newly-christened artistic director of the Masonic Temple of Portland is restoring an illustrious past to a tarnished space, by bringing public attention to a rapidly fading cultural landmark in downtown Portland.Sarah Bouchard's concept, to place papier-mache installations amongst the temple's sacred spaces, is two-fold. First, it pays homage to the sense of the majestic and of the sublime that distinguishes Masonic architecture and design, but it's also an attempt to reinvigorate the space with…

Bats, bag fees, foam bans all part of spring in Portland

Two signs of spring in Portland: Opening Day at Hadlock Field, and litter removal efforts in city parks.When the snow recedes, the Portland Sea Dogs can start swinging the bats. The team announced that Opening Day pre-game ceremonies will start at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, with the first-pitch scheduled for 6 p.m. The Sea Dogs open their 22nd season at Hadlock Field against the Reading Fightin Phils.

SLAP for sailing: Superhero Lady Armwrestlers of Portland help SailMaine

All hands on deck.On Saturday at Geno’s Rock Club, the Superhero Lady Armwrestlers of Portland, better known as SLAP, will combine theatrics, strength and civic-mindedness in a benefit for SailMaine, a community-based sailing center on the Portland waterfront.With all-age options like junior sailing summer programs, high school competitive sailing, and adult learn-to-sail classes, SailMaine is a good group worth fighting for, according to SLAP organizers Tina Machina and Voom Voom Valhalla.

Budgets and wormholes: City stares down cuts in $221 million package

Perhaps Mayor Michael Brennan discovered a wormhole as described by Stephen King in his short story, “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut.”Or maybe he has spent soooo much time driving to the capital for legislative committee meetings and has lost track of the distances involved, including that one spot where cell phone calls drop.
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Thanks to a group called WomenOn20s, which is gaining steam nationally in part due to President Obama's support, more women than ever might finally find their rightful place in the context of our country's history.I might be getting ahead of myself, because they really represent a fundamental building block towards equal gender recognition, as opposed to a culminating movement, but if WomenOn20s is able to accomplish their goals the long-term effects could be lasting and…
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