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Westin asks public for historical hotel memorabilia

Legend has it that Ralph Owen Brewster, Governor of Maine from 1925 to 1929, helped open the original Eastland Park Hotel by tossing the front door key into Casco Bay, thus ensuring that the doors would never close.Legend is moot on name changes, and the hotel has operated under various names over the decades. Most recently, the lodge has been part of oft-heated discussions about the future of the neighborhood, but clearly developers of its…

The ballad of the Hulk

In the comic-book world of Maine politics, the conservative think tank called the Maine Heritage Policy Center has often played the role of Dr. Bruce Banner, the tortured soul whose body harbors a gamma-ray-created monster called the Incredible Hulk. Portrayed by Republican Gov. Paul LePage.

A cultural biography of beards

The eighth annual Stache Pag variety show will be held at the State Theatre in Portland, on Friday, March 27, at 7:30pm. That happens to officially be “Moustache Appreciation Day” in the city of Portland. In tribute, here is a timeline of hirsute history.

Art imitates life: Activists call in the Artists Rapid Response Team!

They have draped themselves in blood-like red-stained sheets and sprawled themselves outside the offices of U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. Back in 2013, they played the part of members of a Yemeni wedding party attacked and killed by a U.S. drone strike. Other protests have involved Valentine’s Day messages decrying deaths of civilians in military actions and signs defending Bradley Manning for his leaks of military secrets and violation of the Espionage Act. Clearly, the anti-war…

The Ice Man cometh, makes himself at home

March came in like a lion and is going out like a … frozen lamb chop?Ice is hanging around, so now we worry about floods.Even an imperfect simile makes the case that March has brought unrelenting cold, even past the start of meteorological spring last Friday.“According to the National Weather Service forecast offices in Gray and Caribou, weather conditions will be quite cold and below normal for the rest of March. No large storms are…

Clash lets its hair down for festival

On Wednesday, March 25, the Clash dons a stache.The “Stache of the Titans” will take the format of the wildly popular Clash series, originally known as “Clash of the Titans,” and featured bands inspiring the cover band competition will be Toto vs. Hall and Oates.The Clash series is in its 13th year. Conceived as the Clash of the Titans, the cover-band series was started by music-scene icons Spencer Albee and Mark Curdo.

Combing the Bearded Brewfest for top beards, moustaches

The first Bearded Brewfest on Saturday, March 21, will add suds to the stubbly splendor of the Facial Hair Fest. Twenty Maine and regional craft brewers will offer unlimited samples of beard- and moustache-inspired brews and other craft selections, as a kick-off to the Facial Hair Fest, which runs through March 27.
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