Our Viewpoint: Betsy Sweet for U.S. Senate

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The run-up to the July 14 Democratic primary for Maine’s U.S. Senate seat has proceeded more like the path to a coronation, rather than an election. 

The race between the national Democrats’ chosen candidate, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, and activist Betsy Sweet and attorney Bre Kidman has been dominated by the enormous amount of national Democratic Party money flowing to Gideon for the ubiquitous advertising that now competes to dominate the airwaves against claims by the Republican incumbent, U.S. Sen. Susan Collins.

The early decision by the national Democratic Party to put its money behind Gideon has forestalled an open discussion of the issues. Gideon chose not to participate in one of the only major televised debates, which aired Monday night on News Center Maine. With Gideon absent, Kidman and Sweet did a great job of articulating the need for systemic reforms, such as Medicare for All.

We endorse Sweet because we feel she would be a senator with strong, clear beliefs, and a keen ability to present the case for the structural change that this country needs. She has a 37-year record in Maine as an activist and advocate and is blessed with natural leadership ability.

It is imperative that Collins, who climbed on and stayed aboard the Trump bandwagon when she should have jumped off, be defeated in November. This year, more than any in our lifetime, it is imperative to vote; we urge you to vote for Betsy Sweet.

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