Our Viewpoint: Beem brings his Notebook to the Phoenix

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The variety of columnists we feature on our Viewpoint pages are an important part of our newspaper. 

Our steady rotation of writers ranges from Ekhlas Ahmed, a young African immigrant who writes about her refugee experience and establishing a new life in America, to the acerbic commentary of longtime Maine political observer Al Diamon.

We’re also pleased to present the engaging perspective of millennial writer Kate Gardner, and the thoughtful commentary of Sandy Marsters, who is an award-winning, veteran journalist and teacher. 

But we are also always looking to broaden and improve this mix.

So we’re pleased to announce that starting this week well-known Maine writer Edgar Allen Beem – who already writes our monthly Art Seen pieces – is bringing his distinctive weekly Universal Notebook to the Phoenix. His columns range from no-holds-barred political commentary to thoughtful personal meditations. We’re delighted he is joining us.

While we have a great team, we want most of all to hear from you. We are always looking for writers who want to contribute occasional op-eds on current events. And we actively solicit letters to the editor. Please send your letters and column ideas to [email protected].

As we build this newspaper, now approaching a year of publication, we want to hear more from you.

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