The Portland School Board on Oct. 6 discussed administrators' plans for schools to remain in a hybrid format until further notice due to spacing and staffing concerns. (Portland Phoenix/Elizabeth Clemente)
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Portland’s boards and City Council committees will now be able to accommodate hybrid remote and in-person meetings.

The Council itself has been offering hybrid meetings for well over a year. But according to a memo to the Council from Jessica Grondin, the city’s spokesperson, upgraded equipment has been installed in two conference rooms in City Hall, allowing boards and committees to have hybrid meetings like the Council does. 

Several board meetings, like the planning board’s, have maintained a fully remote status throughout the pandemic.

“We have seen the public take great advantage of our remote participation methods during council meetings with attendance typically higher on Zoom than in-person,” Grondin said.

The city’s website and council agenda will indicate which meetings are hybrid or remain fully remote.


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