Your Viewpoint: Abortion debate requires civility

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I’d like to commend Natalie Ladd and the Phoenix for her Aug. 2 column (“It comes down to ‘everyday women living an everyday life’”). As an aging hippie, female, who had an abortion 40 years ago, I’m grateful that I’m not 20 or 30 in this political climate. Nonjudgmental writing about the issues surrounding abortion and women’s choices is needed. Natalie did it with grace and sensitivity.

A few days ago I got involved with a Nextdoor thread. A woman named Laura was trying to raise money for Planned Parenthood and a couple of other groups that support women’s choice. It has become vicious. A couple of men have been vile and hateful, and a few women have objected, but not with the hate or name calling.

I do not engage with the spiteful, male anger, but I have to say it disturbs me because of the level of anger, the name calling, and threatening comments. One man said “OK Linda, you want this to get messy! I don’t support anyone that agrees to abort a baby up to the day it is born! Sicko baby killers!”

While disturbed by the level of anger, I will not shy away from the discussion.

Linda S. Bridges

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