Your Viewpoint: Appreciation for Equality Community Center story

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I loved your article about the Equality Community Center in downtown Portland that provides space for our LGBTQ+ community and allies (“‘Housing the movement:’ A new center for Portland’s queer community,” Oct. 27, 2021). Over the last 45 years we in the LGBTQ+ community have been successful in fighting for equal rights. The growing welcome from our neighbors and acceptance into the mainstream of daily life has been wonderful, but our LGBTQ+ spaces have slowly disappeared.

Virginia Woolf wrote that she needed a “room of one’s own” in order to write. Everyone does; especially LGBTQ+ people who still face discrimination and violence. The Equality Community Center is that space.

The LGBTQ+ community did not attain our civil rights alone, and we certainly appreciate the help from people of goodwill in holding onto them. That is why we have invited equality-focused organizations to utilize the office space we build in the center. We like to say that the Equality Community Center is housing the movement.

Dale McCormick

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