Your Viewpoint: Beem’s threat ignores the bigger picture

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Over the years I have been a fan of Edgar Allen Beem’s writing on the arts and usually find his columns on political issues insightful, even when I disagree with him. But his conclusion at the end of his May 4th column on Gov. Janet. Mills’ stance on tribal sovereignty rather startled me. He wrote:

“Some, myself included, may even elect not to vote on Nov. 8 if Mills blocks (the bill advancing tribal sovereignty).”

I have too many Democratic friends and even some moderate Republican friends who decided to sit out the 2016 presidential election because they didn’t like either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Look where that got us.

There are many important differences between Gov. Mills and former Gov. Paul Lepage but I only have space to list a few:

During his years as governor, LePage obstructed poor families’ access to Medicaid, while Mills opened up access to nearly 90,000 Mainers. Gov. Mills is a champion of women’s rights to control their own bodies, while LePage has supported overturning Roe v. Wade. Mills has expanded pre-K education and invested heavily in child care while LePage made massive cuts to child care funding. LePage opposed the Land for Maine’s Future program, while Mills has approved five new projects.

Don’t sit out this gubernatorial election. It’s too important.

Richard Buhr

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