Your Viewpoint: Charles Skold for House District 38  

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I am very excited about a Portland Democrat in the July 14 legislative primary. Charles Skold is a progressive running to fill the open House seat in District 38 in the West End. I met Charles through my volunteer work with Run for Something, a national progressive organization that works to support first-time candidates.

So far, Run for Something has endorsed over 1,000 candidates: more than 50 percent are women, 50 percent are people of color, and 20 percent are LGBTQ+. Personally, I’ve interviewed more than 300 candidates in 40 states. 

I am proud to recommend such a qualified progressive LGBTQ+ candidate in my own community for endorsement. Charles not only earned the Run for Something endorsement but the first-choice endorsement of Maine’s Sierra Club. He has also earned the trust and endorsement of many community members, which you can read on his website.  

I know Charles will fight for Portland in Augusta, and fight for a progressive sustainable future we can be proud of. Please vote for Charles Skold on July 14, or sooner by mail. 

Maxwell Cooper


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