Your Viewpoint: Columnists provide ‘truth, clarity’

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What a difference two newspapers can make. The Forecaster on Oct. 9 and the Portland Phoenix of Oct. 7 both published thought pieces on the differences between U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and challenger Democrat Sara Gideon. The stated views of both columnists ranged from truth to fiction.

Al Diamon in the Phoenix offered a factual critique of the campaigns operated by both candidates, noting an absence of “definition” of purpose in revealing the “real” candidates and their stated philosophies on a wide range of important issues. On the other hand, John Balentine in The Forecaster wrote a mindless summary of Gideon’s alleged efforts to cast Collins as old and feeble, without defining the political differences the candidates hold with respect to the critical matters facing this country.

With Edgar Allen Beem and Al Diamon, the Phoenix has risen from the ashes of the old Forecaster and now offers its readership opinions with a strong infusion of truth and clarity. If one still requires a dose of far-right nonsense, The Forecaster is still available; once this newspaper is perused, one can utilize it to wrap your fish and chips.

John M. Mishler

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