Your Viewpoint: Ladd sees RBG through rose-colored lens

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Natalie Ladd’s deification of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (“Leftovers: What a difference a year makes,” Sept. 22) overlooks the fact that Ginsberg refused to retire from the U.S. Supreme Court while Barack Obama was still president, which would have paved the way for another liberal jurist. She apparently thought no one else could have filled her shoes.

Now we have the truly vile Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who recently voted to let stand a draconian Texas law that, among other things, bans abortions after six weeks. One can only imagine the harm she will do during her lifetime appointment, undoubtedly overturning many more of Ginsberg’s efforts. Did Ginsberg ever give a thought to this?

Ladd overlooked a critically important fact in her unequivocal praise of Ginsberg.  Columnists need to tell the whole truth.

Barbara Doughty

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