Your Viewpoint: Ladd shows courage in face of cruelty

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I have been reading Natalie Ladd’s column since the days when she was writing restaurant stories for the Portland Daily Sun and I was trying to figure out which restaurant she worked for. I don’t know her personally, but after years and years of reading her columns, I feel like I do.

So I was shocked at the turn her column took when she wrote about having two trick-or-treaters come to her door dressed as Nazi soldiers (“Halloween unleashes the dark side,” Nov. 3). How horrifying that must have been to have two young people come to her house dressed as members of a group that wants her dead. And clearly, they knew better, based on their smirky joke that they were costumed as Eagle Scouts.

Kudos to Ladd for having the courage to relate her painful experience in hopes that people will learn and respond. And kudos to the Portland Phoenix for printing the story. My hope is that your paper has sufficient reach that someone who knows who the boys were will hear of this and that they will be held accountable for their cruel act.

Diane Whitmore

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