Your Viewpoint: Biden deserves equal scrutiny

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We get it, Edgar Allen Beem, you don’t like Donald Trump (The Universal Notebook, “Trump’s COVID collapse,” Feb. 3). For the past four years, I have read article after article in which you felt the need to bash our former president, and here we go again. Former President Trump was forced to deal with a pandemic the likes we have never seen, and hopefully, will never see again. Who knows how anyone else would have handled the situation?

You are quick to point out Trump’s travel ban on China taking place after most countries did so. What you failed to mention was Joe Biden’s reaction to the ban, calling it xenophobic. We can only assume Biden would have taken no action to ban, or limit, travelers entering the U.S. from China. How many more lives could this have potentially cost?

You are very quick to judge. Hopefully, you scrutinize President Biden as harshly as you have former President Trump, but I’m not counting on it.

Ross Field

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