Your Viewpoint: Logic, ethics lacking on Charter Commission

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There are consequences to losing the public’s trust. The Portland Charter Commission is so muddled and fractured that trusting them to know the truth about the city and what’s best for its citizens is hopeless. Having devolved into conning themselves, expect the same in their report to our citizens.

To deceive the public that Portland needs a strong mayor, the commission’s progressives first deceived themselves. That done, this contrived need is not a lie, but is it deception? This philosophical conundrum must have been soundly discussed among progressives.

Charter Commission progressives, while campaigning, promised transparency, listening, accountability, and open minds. Promises not kept. Are these failures deliberate, or just laxity of thought, lazy assumptions, disinterest in reality, and unconcern with the truth? Being obdurately tendentious as their brand, progressives could be thought of as perniciously self-indulgent at others’ expense. 

Progressives have caused many conflicts within the Charter Commission. Chair Michael Kebede recognized the turmoil and hired two mediators. I sympathize with Kebede’s angst, but respectively suggest that instruction in logic and ethics is more appropriate to their dilemma.

Robert Kahn



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