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Your Viewpoint: Pay attention to party affiliation

As a means to create and, thereafter, promulgate new or modified state and national legislation, the Republican Party playbook stipulates what the “first step” of any such action must entail: Initiate the majority of processes at the local, city/county level. Why? It can be argued that small-town leadership offices have a much more significant impact on politics when compared to their state and national counterparts.

Therefore, when voting in the upcoming primary and midterm elections, remember the two most important qualities possessed by any candidate who is seeking office: Their beliefs and their political affiliation. Why? It appears that a majority of GOP candidates believe the “Big Lie,” COVID-19 is a hoax, the Jan. 6 insurrection was committed by Democrats, in limiting voting rights, draconian rules to restrict (or outlaw) abortions, conspiracy theories, vaccines are dangerous, and climate change and global warming are junk science.

Indeed, when voting this year, consider a candidate’s personal convictions and moral compass; their beliefs run parallel with party affiliation. A simple letter – D, G, I, R – affixed to their name will strongly indicate how they will best serve our country’s future. Vote wisely.

John M. Mishler

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