Your Viewpoint: Portland Charter Commission is ‘off the rails’

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I would like to second the sentiment in Anne Pringle’s March 16 opinion piece on the Charter Commission (“Another Viewpoint: What’s going on with the Portland Charter Commission?”). The commission was formed to look into “fair elections” and all the issues that subject brings. However, from the limited access to the goings-on of the commission, it appears the “fair elections” take up little if any of the oxygen when they meet. Just the other day it was reported the commission hired an outside facilitator to help with the process.

As a disabled veteran forced into retirement due to health reasons, I am doing my best to hold onto my property on Fisher street as the cost of living in Portland increases every year. The school budget,  which accounts for over 50 percent of the property tax, has increased every year. There are some members on the commission who have never had to pay property tax or even rent. The members of the commission were elected by, I believe, less than 16 percent of the eligible voters. Wake up citizens: let your voice be heard that the commission has gone off the rails and needs to focus on the job they were elected to do. Not a wish list.

Dan Milligan

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