Your Viewpoint: Vote to protect our democracy

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Many Americans have been indoctrinated to believe their country offers and produces the best, and is the greatest in the world. In reality, assessed by relevant global parameters, America often falls short on quality-of-life issues, e.g., health and child care, education, workers’ rights, environmental policies, and sensible gun control. Patriotism, if blind to these verifiable facts, can foster a false sense of superiority, security, and, sadly, complacency.

When the pressures of daily struggles and challenges clash with high expectations, frustrations build, and blame is often placed where it is unjustified. Capitalizing on this, MAGA leaders appease supporters with dubious promises, while securing more power and profit for reckless politicians, corporations, and the wealthy.

With aggressive assaults on voting, workers’ rights, and women’s rights, a well-informed, engaged electorate is vital for the survival of a functioning democracy and democratic principles. This is not the time for complacency, but to put the advancement of what benefits society over individual desires.

Exercise your civic duty and vote. Just waving the American flag is too little of an effort to show one’s love of the country. Support candidates who embrace the truth, facts, decency,
and fairness, while promoting social justice.

Sigrid R.E. Fischer-Mishler

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