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Your Viewpoint: Westbrook is nobody’s ‘suburb’

It’s sad that Westbrook gets noticed for Market Basket and Chick-Fil-A where long lines of
idling cars daily add to carbon toxicity. Westbrook has long been home to artists, writers, poets, and one of the most prolific small poetry presses in the nation, Moon Pie Press, as well as fine eateries at every economic level. We are a Main Street city in the classic sense.

Please don’t call us a “suburb,” disparaged or otherwise. The mill’s pulp smell ended over 20 years ago, and that mill provided decades of good union jobs building a middle class. I proudly live in a home built by one such S.D. Warren worker.

Westbrook is a true municipality with factories, farms, retail, services, arts, and a unique political, economic, and social history. The “Sex and the City” crew were a decade late in recognizing that Brooklyn was hipper than Manhattan. Portland has also been blind to the “borough” next door, which has attracted younger migrants for a few years before auto-dependent Rock Row ever got here.

Anna Wrobel

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