Your Viewpoint: Yes on 1 is yes to xenophobia

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The debate on Question 1 has been one of the nastiest in recent memory. The worst part has been one particular tactic used by the “Yes” people. Their ads and the comments of online supporters aim to stir up some deeply rooted xenophobia against the providers of clean hydropower. Mainers’ mistrust of “people from away” has generated much material for Maine comedians like Bob Marley and Tim Sample. It’s shocking to see that this xenophobia is no urban myth but is alive and well and used by the Yes campaign.

Think about it: Why do most commentaries from Question 1 supporters always mention that Central Maine Power Co. is a Spanish company, Hydro-Quebec is a Canadian company, and that the corridor will benefit what some feel are the most hated people from away – Massachusetts people? I’m sure the outcome of this vote is no laughing matter for a business with any foreign or out-of-state connection, and they will think twice before doing business in Maine. Please vote “No” on Question 1.

Ted Sirois

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